Hotspot has broken into the English Premier League.  Blackburn Rovers under the guidance of fitness and sports science professional Mark Howard contacted Games Education Ltd a few months back requesting to see the system in action.  Obviously we were more than happy to put the Hotspot through it’s paces at the wonderful facility that is the Senior Training Ground at Blackburn.  The Blackburn staff seemed impressed with it’s simplicity and wide applications.  A few weeks later Games Education had an order for 4 Hotspot XL systems and again were invited to deliver a workshop on the system and how best to integrate the system into the Blackburn set up.   Coaches were again very receptive and even took part in a variety of exercises.

Mark Howard, Head of Fitness later commented on the hotspot system and had this to say;

“Hot Spot offers a really easy and affordable tool for measuring a player’s ability to perform a specific task. It is really quick to set up and can be manipulated by changing the start settings and timing modes making it a great way to benchmark a squad on any given functional drill or practice.

I like how simple the kit is and the fact that it has the potential to be used across a range of departments in the club including sports science and medical departments at both first team and academy level.”

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