Back in 1992 whilst at Medical School I wrote a dissertation on “Programming of Movement in Parkinson’s Disease” where I looked at all the neural pathways involved in the programming of movement. Little did I know some 16 years later this would become very relevant  in understanding complex movements for sport and what I am now involved in with Games Education.

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HotSpot Training

Mission / Vision

Games Education believes that technology can be made readily available to all levels and arenas of sport and should not only be for the elite. Games Education suggest that in order to produce champions or even people who can enjoy sport and all that it offers to life, we must train and teach our young people as professionals. We must install good work ethic, motivate and enhance skill sets in order to allow maximum participation and increase the talent pool. Games Education’s Hot Spot training system can allow just that by bringing accurate timing and data collection alongside a completely flexible product to add the 3rd dimension of coaching that is currently missing.

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