Welcome to the first “drill” post on the Hotspot blog.   In this post I have created a drill to train/coach/test elements of the “flow” step used in variety of situations within tennis.

The “flow” step is commonly used as a means of defending wide balls that have caused you to be on the run and over stretched.  The “flow” step allows you to hit the ball on the move and implement a braking method allowing quick and efficient recovery back into the court.  I am going to provide 3 variations of the drill and alongside each provide some coaching tips and analysis.

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Mission / Vision

Games Education believes that technology can be made readily available to all levels and arenas of sport and should not only be for the elite. Games Education suggest that in order to produce champions or even people who can enjoy sport and all that it offers to life, we must train and teach our young people as professionals. We must install good work ethic, motivate and enhance skill sets in order to allow maximum participation and increase the talent pool. Games Education’s Hot Spot training system can allow just that by bringing accurate timing and data collection alongside a completely flexible product to add the 3rd dimension of coaching that is currently missing.

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