Welcome to the first “drill” post on the Hotspot blog.   In this post I have created a drill to train/coach/test elements of the “flow” step used in variety of situations within tennis.

The “flow” step is commonly used as a means of defending wide balls that have caused you to be on the run and over stretched.  The “flow” step allows you to hit the ball on the move and implement a braking method allowing quick and efficient recovery back into the court.  I am going to provide 3 variations of the drill and alongside each provide some coaching tips and analysis.

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Feedback based training is a concept that allows athletes to evaluate their performance within a training session.

The times and scores generated by the system after the completetion of an activity now have meaning.

Times and scores can be affected by technical efficiency, environment, complexity amongst others and can be related to the physical competency of the athlete.

“Real” times where the athlete has performed the activity correctly and to the satisfaction of the coach can be in fact slower than other methods.  The difference is that the performance is and should be related to the game situation and then improved on.

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