Hi all a little piece about the merits and values of straight line sprints in assessment. This was stimulated by a discussion I had with the head of fitness at a Premiership football club yesterday….

So in a number of sports a straight line sprint features in many assessments for talent identification, fitness and general baseline measurements. It is standard in the LTA and used in many football clubs. But here’s some conundrums for you :

1. Is it relevant to the sport / game play?

2. Does it have positive predictive value for athletic success in that sport?

3. Is there a better test that might address points 1 & 2?

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Hi all. I (Fraser Harban) Just returned form a quality convention and trade show – the National Soccer Coaches Association of America in Baltimore. Really impressed with many things – not least – boy do they know how to put on a great event and I now have a rather large selection of NSCAA branded goods!

So what really struck me the most was the knowledge, dedication and passion of the coaches on the ground. Every single one who visited the stand (quite a few I can tell you) really wanted to see what the HotSpot had to offer and how it could help their sessions and ultimately their teams.

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Here is a link to the Peak Performance Magazine that features hotspot on page 11.


Make it Count – Team Hotspot

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The Hotspot PRO system is the latest addition to the Hotspot PRO family and is the most complete training system available.  Coming in at just £350 + VAT the system offers a complete training system for developing movement abilities.



It builds on the Hotspot concept of providing a system that is affordable yet versatile enough to fit into any training program for any sport.  The wireless “hotspots” offer  a simple way to create movement patterns and drills for your training program whilst offering an easy way to be flexible adhering to the needs of your athletes.

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Hello, Fraser here with my first blog…
Just felt inspired to write about something that I did yesterday with some young kids from social housing locally to here – no great sainthood on the horizon but very humbling and highlights a few points….

The background to this is the fundamental core of Games Education as a company – the one thing that led Mike and I to set it up. Not making huge sums of money (although maybe one day it would be nice to pay off all the loans!) but the strong belief and desire that every child playing sport and exercise should be able to use techniques and equipment similar to the professionals…

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Worcester, England, 22 September 2010: Games Education’s revolutionary HotSpot® three-dimensional coaching system has become a global success far out selling expectations in its first year. The HotSpot® system and training philosophy has been fully embraced by elite athletes and grass-route programmes alike around the world.

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